The ZEANN Gang - Bully busters

When Elise transferred to her new school, GreenAge Academy, she thought her world had come to an end. Then she is bullied. OMG! Surely, this is the end. Will she ever fit in? Luckily she is rescued by Andrea, who soon became her BFF. Despite their fears, Andrea and her three other friends protect Elise from the bullies.

Then Elise teams up with her new friends to help stop bullying in their school. They become the ZEANN Gang. With the help of the teachers, they take on the school bullies, the 2TOFS, headed by a secret top bully no pupil would name. Will they succeed at this huge challenge or will they be beaten by the 2TOFs?.

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The ZEANN Gang 2 - Bully Busters

The loveable ZEANN gang returns, but they are not together anymore. Andrea and Elise go to Elstree, but the twins, Nnena and Nnadi find themselves in a top grammar school in the country, Unfortunately, it is a school where bullying in rampant. Will having their BFFs, Zoe and Nathan at the same school make a difference?

How will they cope against the toughest bullies they ever imagined? Who will help them when even the teachers do not care?

OMG! As if dealing with puberty was not difficult enough! Then their old nemesis, Zack, the top bully shows up again. A near tragic experience brings things to a head. What should they do? How will they reunite the rest of the gang to help tackle bullying in their school? Can the legend of the ZEANN gang live on?

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Overcoming Life's Challenges

Life is full of challenges! Everyone goes through them, irrespective of your gender, race, age, social status, etc. I have experienced a lot of them, most of which are recounted in this book. Each page is filled with beautiful little narratives of my experience and those of others.

Stories of how life’s challenges were overcome. It covers love and relationships, family, parenthood, health, grief, career, religion, etc. There are 24 chapters on various topics. You will definitely find one that addresses your situation. My goal is to give my readers the courage to do whatever it takes to deal with some of life’s challenges.

I promise it will make you laugh too. You will find answers and some perspective on whatever you are going through or just be simply inspired.

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Enriching All Women

Having multiple streams of income has become the norm these days. Learn the three simple ways to create them in pages filled with success stories of ordinary women including mine. Have you discovered your dreams and where your passion lies? Most people haven't.

They are still 'finding' themselves. I found what l was born to do at 38. Wish l had a book like this to read. Discover how you can too. This book is for women age 16 and over. Although written from a woman's perspective, it’s a book for everyone. You will finish this book, believing you can achieve any goal if you want it badly enough.

Obstacles are analysed and possible solutions offered. You will be inspired, motivated and ready to transform your life.

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A Carriage Full of Laughs

Commuting on London trains and buses will expose you to an incredible world of the UNEXPECTED. There is the shocking, the beautiful and even those that tug at your heart-strings. Some have left me speechless. I blogged about my daily commute for two years, to share the experience with my readers in a funny narrative. They loved it and asked for more. They suggested a book version of the blogs. It is finally here. You will be laughing aloud as you look forward to page after page of very entertaining narratives. You will not find another book like it out there. It is the perfect companion on your travels.

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