The loveable ZEANN gang returns, but they are not together anymore. Andrea and Elise go to Elstree, but the twins, Nnena and Nnadi find themselves in a top grammar school in the country, Unfortunately, it is a school where bullying in rampant. Will having their BFFs, Zoe and Nathan at the same school make a difference?

How will they cope against the toughest bullies they ever imagined? Who will help them when even the teachers do not care?

OMG! As if dealing with puberty was not difficult enough! Then their old nemesis, Zack, the top bully shows up again. A near tragic experience brings things to a head. What should they do? How will they reunite the rest of the gang to help tackle bullying in their school? Can the legend of the ZEANN gang live on?

 Excerpt from the Book

zeann2“Zack, afraid? I don’t believe it. He may be plotting his revenge as we speak”. Said Nnadi shaking his head for emphasis. As though saying it was not enough.
"Oh, no! Really?" Elise was even more afraid now.
“Grandma says Leopards cannot change their spots“. Added Nnena wisely.
“Not another parable!” Said Zoe, rolling her eyes again. Since Nnena returned from her last holiday in Nigeria with her grandparents, she started using parables, and Zoe did not like parables.
“It means Zack cannot change,” explained Nnadi.
“I know that. Duh! “. Zoe rolled her eyes again.
Why are you rolling your eyes all the time?” asked Andrea. “Mum says it’s rude to do that.”
"But your mum is not here," said Zoe.
Elise grinned as she listened to their argument about ‘parables’ and ‘eyes rolling’. She forgot all about her fear of Zack. They had not changed one bit, and she missed them terribly. They always made her feel safe. If only they were all at the same school like the old days.
"Ok, enough grandma said, or mum said. Can we plan the party now?" Interrupted Nnadi.


Rosemary Wiseman

5 out of 5 stars
Powerful messages and information
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 December 2019

After reading ZEAN Gang Bully Busters 1, I was keen to find out what more I could learn in Bully Busters 2, especially about cyberbullying. With some dramatic story lines, this book gives powerful messages and information about bullying and its serious effects. It brought back memories of those who I had helped previously in my work as a music teacher and therapist. I would have appreciated having this book back then and am glad I have it now. Although Bully Busters 2 is written for Middle-Grade readers, adults in a position of care - especially teachers - should read it and have a copy to hand.

Rosemary Wiseman, author of Zoom88 - How to be calmer and improve your music making.